We offer Cheap beach wedding packages in Daytona Beach. Finding cheap beach weddings packages is a great way to have a stunning seaside ceremony, without the cost of a traditional wedding.

We offer cheap beach wedding packages starting at just $249.

Let’s face it, the beach is one of the most beautiful backdrops you can have – and it isn’t going to drain your bank account!

Photo of beach wedding arch made of bamboo at sunset

How much do beach weddings cost?

With the average cost of a traditional wedding soaring over $30,0000, you may be looking for more affordable options. Eloping on the beach may be the perfect way for you to save money and still have a stunning ceremony.

But how much do beach weddings cost? On average, cheap beach weddings cost between $250-$2500 depending on how elaborate the set up is and how much of it you do yourself.

You’ll also have to factor in travel costs for you and your guests, if you will be traveling out of state. Even still, beach weddings are significantly cheaper and you don’t have to compromise on a picturesque venue. With an ocean oasis as your outdoor venue, what could be better?

Added services and costs

Many couples opt to have a simple elopement with just a handful of their closest family and friends. So, in Daytona Beach – they would not be required to get a permit. This is the type of Cheap beach wedding package that works great, if you are on a tight budget.

Permits and Fees

If you would like to have over 50 guests, a permit may be required in your location. In Daytona Beach, the permit is $100. You will also need to consider seating for your guests. Chairs can be rented starting at $2 each. Plus the cost of chair covers or sashes, if desired.

You will also need to pay for your marriage license, which is about $93.50.


Most couples want their day to be captured by a professional. The cost of photography coverage can range drastically depending on the level of service and expertise provided by the photographer.

Before getting quotes be sure to decide what you would like. For example, do you want one hour to cover ceremony and portraits after? Or, do you also want photography coverage of getting ready and a dinner reception? Decide whether you would prefer to just have digital images or if you would want high quality prints and an album too.

If you are trying to work within a tighter budget, many photographers offer one hour packages for anywhere between $300-$500.


Some couples keep it simple, with just the beach as their decor. But you can also have an arch and aisle set up, if you want something a little extra.

You can either hire someone to decorate and set up for you, or you can do it yourself. We offer Cheap beach wedding packages in Daytona Beach For less than $1000.

The cost will depend on how elaborate your set up is. Some companies charge under $1000 and others can’t charge up to $5000 on a full set up. You can also opt for a simpler set up with just tiki torches or a floral arrangement to save some money.

Overall, Cheap beach wedding packages cost between $250-$2500.

but you can customize your beach wedding to make it as elaborate or as simple as you would like to.