Daytona Beach Weddings on the Beach

We love Daytona Beach Weddings on the Beach and have many reasons why you should have a beach wedding, but for time purposes we have written our top 10 reasons why you will love Daytona Beach weddings on the Beach.

daytona beach weddings on the beach

1.) The weather is perfect all year!

Living in Florida we are partial to the amazing sunshine all year long. But it truly does make Florida a paradise and we think everyone really deserves beautiful weather for there wedding Day.

The moderate weather means that we rarely experience very cold weather and Daytona Beach enjoys 230 sunny days per year.

If you have a summer beach wedding you can wear shorts and adorable sundresses. During winter, the same! Where else can you have a beautiful warm wedding all year? 

2.) It is a great vacation destination!

You can have your vows on the beach and celebrate at the magic kingdom like the royal couple you are! If Disney isn’t your style, you can stay locally in the beach you chose to have your wedding or leave from one of the several cruise ports to a tropical island.

Florida has over 663 miles of beautiful beaches, you will not be disappointed with your honeymoon. 

3.) A Florida beach wedding is beyond affordable!

A traditional wedding can cost over $33,000; with a beach wedding, on average you will spend $800-$5,000.

You will still have the most breath taking portraits, the memories of the best day of your life and money in your bank account! 

We offer affordable beach wedding packages in the Daytona Beach area.

4.) Florida beach sunsets are the best!

Whichever beach you choose you will see vibrant colors during the sunset. This sets the tone for remarkable views during your vows.

The waves crashing; wet sand reflecting pink, orange and yellow tones, it’s stunning! 

5.) It’s Romantic

If you choose to have a ceremony with just you and your fiancé you will not be disappointed with the ambiance. It’s so romantic being with the one you love and dedicating your life to each other. You will see dolphins, sea birds and other wild life creating the most memorable setting.

6.) It’s Relaxed

If you find yourself less than thrilled by the overwhelming planning of a traditional wedding and just want to elope, this is for you! It’s so relaxed planning a beach wedding. The ceremony is calm and can be as small or large as you want. You don’t have to impress anyone and can focus on your new life together.

7. It’s Intimate

You won’t find a more personal wedding. Beach weddings truly focus on you! You can be at a place you both love with the people who are the most important to you and no one else.

It’s so special being surrounded by only the people who mean the world to you. 

8. Beach weddings are great for the adventurous!

There are plenty of accommodations and attractions for you and your guests; one of the many benefits of florida beach weddings.

You simply pack your bag and head to your adventure. With several springs, snorkeling, camping or other outdoor activities you will find you and your guests will have a great time exploring all that Florida has to offer. 

9. The best wedding photos!

Florida beaches are the best backdrops for photos! You can have the best instagram feed during your wedding vacation and make everyone jealous of your tropical getaway! 

One of the best things about florida beach weddings, are the amazing portraits that you can enjoy for years to come.

10. We saved the best reason last! You can be barefoot!

Get your toes in the sand, sit back relax and let us handle all of the stressful stuff. While you are relaxing grab a margarita and enjoy the beach. This is your time to celebrate and let loose!